Miami Store

Nodaleto opens its first retail store in Miami during art Basel.

In collaboration with architect Rafael de Cardenas, the brand creates a space made to accommodate its quintessential energy over the course of two years.

One thousand square feet of carpet, dedicated to the color tangerine and a space age approach with sleek chrome finishes.
The store serves as a moldable creative field for the brand and strives to offer an intimate immersion into Nodaleto’s mischievous personality.

The design, driven by the concept of ‘hyper-modern hospitality’, explores shapes and materials that echo the feel of a space station as well as an idea of a glamorous future. In many ways, midcentury French design defined the frontier of space as much as NASA; the interior reflects that. The strong yet fluid volumes present in Nodaleto’s heel recall the red chairs in the utopian set of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In cinematographic style, a warm satin velvet floor meets cold steel shelves. The store space—in line with brand’s creative tone—strives to induce the experience of contemporary luxury.

In the act of taking its first footstep into the American market, Nodaleto chooses Miami because it’s a crossroad of cultures, a city permanently kissed by the sun, a hub for arts and design, because of its daring nerve and unapologetic energy.